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Safire by FabulousAngy Safire :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 0 0 Ask Harleen and Harley by FabulousAngy Ask Harleen and Harley :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 1 2 [Steven Universe x Suicide Squad] Harley Fusion by FabulousAngy [Steven Universe x Suicide Squad] Harley Fusion :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 1 0 [Undertale] Patience Battle by FabulousAngy [Undertale] Patience Battle :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 1 0 [MashupTale] UPDATED by FabulousAngy [MashupTale] UPDATED :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 2 0 [Undertale] My AU by FabulousAngy [Undertale] My AU :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 6 0 [Before The 'Dr'] I see things nobody else sees by FabulousAngy [Before The 'Dr'] I see things nobody else sees :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 2 0 [Harleen Quinzel] Before the 'Dr' by FabulousAngy [Harleen Quinzel] Before the 'Dr' :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 2 0 [Suicide Squad Parody] The four Quinns by FabulousAngy [Suicide Squad Parody] The four Quinns :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 5 0 My UnderTale OC: Unknown by FabulousAngy My UnderTale OC: Unknown :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 0 6 Wow r Numbr 21 by FabulousAngy Wow r Numbr 21 :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 2 1 If Harley Quinn was in Undertale XD by FabulousAngy If Harley Quinn was in Undertale XD :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 1 0
Villain Girls: Harley's Legacy (short story)
Come forth child, listen to my words... the madness has never left your soul, your childhood shall be relived, until you return...
No..! Wait! What have you done? H-H-he was my friend, my only friend! Blood dripped of my face... and on to his dead skull, No.. why couldn't it have been me? I run and run but i keep going in a circle, i feel the skin melt of my body. Blood is my trail.. But, whats happening? I fall to the ground. I see light! I try and reach for it, it it, it is.... gone... I see my brother.. he's ALIVE! He spreads his arms out, waiting for me to hug him, but as i get closer, he gets farther, he disappeared. I fell to my knees, i cried, blood ran down my cheeks, i begin to choke. I am dead...
"Harley, Harley! WAKE UP!" She woke and saw her lover, he had his hands on her shoulders. "What happened?" Harley asked, "You where having a nightmare. You where screaming some kind of name i don't know what but it sounded like-" Joker's voice trailed off. "B-but i
:iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 2 0
Harleen Quinzel: Demons by FabulousAngy Harleen Quinzel: Demons :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 0 0 PPAP [Spongebob Edition xD] by FabulousAngy PPAP [Spongebob Edition xD] :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 2 0 Harleen Bow: Teen by FabulousAngy
Mature content
Harleen Bow: Teen :iconfabulousangy:FabulousAngy 0 0


*Free Icon/Emote* Hatsune Miku by mochatchi *Free Icon/Emote* Hatsune Miku :iconmochatchi:mochatchi 121 5 TMNT MONA LISA by smitzy790 TMNT MONA LISA :iconsmitzy790:smitzy790 77 7 Dancer snake form ref by Eve-Of-Halloween Dancer snake form ref :iconeve-of-halloween:Eve-Of-Halloween 40 4 Gypsy Human form ref by Eve-Of-Halloween Gypsy Human form ref :iconeve-of-halloween:Eve-Of-Halloween 22 6 The result of your sins bitches by Eve-Of-Halloween The result of your sins bitches :iconeve-of-halloween:Eve-Of-Halloween 37 10 ::.Sexy Sonic female base.:: by DajaModernTheHedgie ::.Sexy Sonic female base.:: :icondajamodernthehedgie:DajaModernTheHedgie 539 190 tmnt oc girl base by Dr-Innocentchild tmnt oc girl base :icondr-innocentchild:Dr-Innocentchild 637 180 FNAF 2 - toy animatronics by LadyFiszi FNAF 2 - toy animatronics :iconladyfiszi:LadyFiszi 409 73 Lolbit - FNAF World - Icon GIF by GEEKsomniac Lolbit - FNAF World - Icon GIF :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 474 85 Lolbit - SPEEDPAINT - FNAF World - Pixel art by GEEKsomniac Lolbit - SPEEDPAINT - FNAF World - Pixel art :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 24 3 EG Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi Base by CookieChanS2 EG Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi Base :iconcookiechans2:CookieChanS2 185 41 Judy - Icon by Simmeh Judy - Icon :iconsimmeh:Simmeh 118 22 clothes change by CoffeeLSB clothes change :iconcoffeelsb:CoffeeLSB 1,644 198 EQG Base #9 - Tacos are best thing you know.. by Redshys-Bases EQG Base #9 - Tacos are best thing you know.. :iconredshys-bases:Redshys-Bases 79 5 MLP EQG Base- Must...lose...control by PrincessDeathWish MLP EQG Base- Must...lose...control :iconprincessdeathwish:PrincessDeathWish 259 30 MLP EQUESTRIA GIRLS BASE :D by RainbowShine-Mlp MLP EQUESTRIA GIRLS BASE :D :iconrainbowshine-mlp:RainbowShine-Mlp 124 10



This i Saffire frim Stevin Univirse 

Safffire: It am a wonder diy 

Rub: I loves Saffffire


Garnet: i am made oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove
[Steven Universe x Suicide Squad] Harley Fusion
Sooo... this is the Harley fusion...
Pink= Heartfelt Blue=Gemini

Heartfelt Heartfelt is the calm side of Harley, she is usually more of the Harley Quinn part, other than Gemini, she can be mean when she needs to but she cannot speak, she is very loyal and kind. But that does not mean she's not a villain, Heartfelt has two sides, kind and devious.
But mostly very patient and graceful.

Gemini: Gemini is the rough infuriated side of what is now Harley, they are known to control Harleen Quinzel's side of the mind but now content with their new image. Gemini is always loud and rude, they are gender less but mostly attract to men. She tends to betray most people and hates humanity, she began to like enchantress and thinking if she'd take her heart she'd gain her power but failed to succeed.
[MashupTale] UPDATED
I had to change a couple of characters cause it didn't seem right.... soo... Here's the changed characters

Asgore- Shredder TMNT

Asriel- Karai TMNT

Mettaton- 2016 Mona Lisa

Blooky(Napstablook) - Kokuna from Yandere Simulator

sooo yea if u wanna check out the original here: MashupTale

                    You are just a helpless bystander, you just got off of work, you got a raise today. Your going home to your wife and kids. Suddenly, you hear a song. It fills you with lust. You can't control your legs, you move toward the song's direction. Its so beautiful.. you step closer. The song makes you kneel, but for whom? You hear a burst of laughter, the song stops, you try and move but you can't, your eyes look up, and before you can even make out the person. You're dead. Someone finds you and rushes you to the hospital. The doctors say the mysterious venom has no cure. They give up on you and you die. Years pass and no one could find who the murderer is. This was the perfect crime. But who done it? 

                It was a cold night on Salamandria, Mona Lisa was in her pink scarf, it covered half of her face. She snuggled in her sky blue comforter and gazed out of the window. She saw the snow fall down onto the white ground, it reminded her of the ice planet she met Raph in. I shall rule that planet someday... Mona thought. She snuggled in more while she threw the covers over her head. Although no one was around, Mona's eyes glittered and grew bigger, like she was being cute to get what she wanted. Moments later, she dozed to sleep.

April kicked the turtle in the leg, "It's your fault I'm not independent! You-You.... SON OF A-!" April screamed. "April, calm down.. It's not entirely my fault.. if you haven't broken that crystal you-"
"So your saying its my fault!?" She yelled and grabbed him by the neck. "No! No its not like that!!" He whimpered. "Oh, I know what it's like..." April growled, she got out her sword and raised it to her neck. "See what Ima gonna do?" She snickered. "April! No! Why are you acting like this?" Donnie asked. "Because you make me, Don!" She yelled, she jerked the sword away from her neck and carved some words on his shell. "I'm leaving. Spread the word." She turned and left, she looked over her shoulder and snarled at Donnie.

The streets on New York where covered in a blanket of snow, people walked around wearing mittens, scarfs, and other clothes to keep them warm. The homeless holding out a cup for money. Today was more peaceful than usual. Too peaceful. Leo and the other turtles hopped from rooftop to rooftop. "Woah, dudes, look at my hand print in the snow!" Mikey said. "Mikey quit goofing off!" Raph yelled, "We gotta be lookin for ab-normal activities! On a night this peaceful, who knows who's out there.." He looked down on the people. Donnie worries. "Well, c'mon.. on a night this cold, maybe Shredder and his goons are, probably trying to make a new batch of mutagen?" Donnie considered. "Maybe we should go back to the sewers.." He thought about April and her warning about leaving. Was she still in the layer? Was she waiting to apologize? Is she.... gone... Most importantly, who is she working with now?
One by one the turtles hopped in the sewers. Donnie was the last one, he looked around before hopping in. While the others laughed and chatted on the way to the layer, Donnie walked slow and wondered, Did April really mean that? Was it really my fault April left? The guilt consumed Donnie. Or maybe it was.... all our faults.. Donnie thought about the way Leo didn't want April's power increased, and the way she glared at him, just as the way she glared at Donnie, and how Raph stole her crystal and pinned it to the wall.
She may still like Mikey, but who knows.
"You comin' D?" Mikey asked, "Yea I'm coming.." Donnie replied, catching up.

"You're a very talented woman.. You can take out an entire police force.. I've seen what you have done, young one... I need a tiny favor..." A anonymous hooded girl spoke, "Whats the favor?" Mona asked. "Ok so here's the deal, you kill these 4 creatures, and I'll give you 50 grand. Deal?" The hooded figure said. "Okie Dokie!" Mona said cheerfully. Mona thought of all the cool stuff she could buy, A hoverboard, a wig, makeup, cupcakes. "Mmmmm, fresh out of the oven!" She accidentally said out loud. "Excuse me? I'm not giving you the money just yet.." The hooded girl said. "Oh, sorry!" Mona blushed.
"Ok! I'll see you when I kill the creatures!!" Mona Skipped along.

Raph watched over the city streets, he almost smiled. He saw a young couple, they walked on the sidewalk, holding hands. The male kissed her on the cheek. Raph remembered the way him and Mona used to kiss. He just wishes for her to come back. A lustful song called to him behind the shadows, he stepped closer. He was in no control of his body whatsoever. He moved closer. The song became more graceful and beautiful. Yellow eyes shone from the shadows. A sword lashed out, Raph lay, on the rooftop, blood stained the snow. 1 down 3 to go.

"Hey guys.. Have any of you seen Raph?" Leo asked. "No, he went on patrol and he didn't come back." Casey said. "Come on guys, lets go find him." Leo ordered.
They searched every rooftop, but no luck. "Any idea what happened to him?" Leo asked the gang. "Maybe he ran away and joined the Circus!" Mikey suggested. "That's stupid." Donnie said.
Then something out of the corner of Casey's eye. "Hey, look. On that building!"
The 4 boys ran to the building.

"Oh my god!!!" Casey yelped

"No? That's impossible!" Leo cried.

"Holy crap!" Mikey screamed.

Donnie gasped and stepped back.

"R-Raph? Are you ok?" Leo held his brother's head in his hands, "Raph? Speak to me!" He pleaded, no answer. The boys mourned Raph's death, Donnie decided to speak. "I know who might've done it.." He said. "Who?" Casey asked. "April, me and her got into a fight, and she said, she was leaving and that.. it was our fault.." Donnie explained. "What? She wouldn't! She's so...." Leo stuttered. "Look at the carving on my shell.. April did that.." Donnie turned around to show them the carving. "'One by one, you all will fall..'" Mikey read. Donnie turned back around. "I can track her down, and we can settle this." Don got out his T-Phone and starting tracking, "C'mon this way."

"Where can i find the rest?" She bowed and asked April. "You shall find them in the sewers. But don't make a scene.." She ordered, "bomb each and every sewer, it would be more easier!"
"Good advice!" Mona said, as she was about to walk off, April noticed. "Stop! Don't move. I scene-"
The three turtles and Casey bursted out of the ceiling. "April! And... Mona? Friends?" Leo tilted his head in confusion, the two girls looked at each other, with an evil smirk. "Not just friends," April said, standing up. "We're partners!" Mona finished.
"Partners in crime!" They both said at the same time. "Excuse me, crime?" Donnie said. "That's right!" April said, as they talked, April secretly used her psychic powers to set a trap. She took a tank of mutagen and held it atop of Leo's head. "E'hem, annoying blue person... Look up in the sky!" April pointed. "AHHHHAHAHAHAAA!!!" Mona cackled. "Huh?" Leo looked up and gasped, "Do as i say and nobody gets mutated!" April ordered. "April! You've gone mad! Crazy! You're a complete psycho!" Donnie yelled. "All the best people are crazy!" April shrugged. "Leo!" Casey pushed him out of the way, the mutagen poured all over Casey's body, he dropped to the floor screaming in pain, his hocky mask melted onto his face, slowly he formed into a giant turtle, with a skeleton face. Donnie and Mikey took a step back. "Go! Save your selves!" He yelled to Donnie and Mikey, the two turtles ran out of the building. April and Mona stood in front of Casey. "Freak, you work for us now.."
Leo wondered if they forgotten about him, so he slowly sneaked toward a window, hopped out and ran to his brothers.

"Did she- they, follow us?" Mikey panted. "No, don't think so.." Donnie wheezed. "They're probably still in there with Leo and Casey!"
He worried. "I'm right here, April and Mona Lisa have Casey." Leo said, "We gotta go back in there and save him!" Donnie ordered. "We can't! April's too powerful, she might mutate us all! Or kill us, like she did Raph if we go out there in plain sight.." Leo argued, "I have a plan, we fight them without them knowing we're there." He suggested.

The salamandrian stomped on the skeleton turtle's foot real hard. "Bet that hurt a skeleTON" Mona joked. "Not now Mona, the turtles are coming any second, we kill him along with the turtles." April said to her companion. "Ugh, can't we just kill him now..." Mona complained. "Come here Mona, I want to give u something.." April smiled. "Ooooh!!" Mona ran up to April and held out her hands "I'm ready for my gift, Apie!" April backhanded Mona and sent her falling on the floor, her back hit the floor hard. "Never question my orders! And don't call me 'Apie'" She snarled. "Y-yes, ma'am.." Mona groaned.

Leo made hand motions to the guys, they followed. "Throw a ninja star!" Leo whispered to Donnie, he nodded. Donnie threw a star and April caught it between her fingers and glanced behind her shoulders, "Oh, I forgot she was psychic... RUN!" Leo exclaimed. They turtles ran to top of the building. "Think you outsmarted us?" April was already there, with Mona Lisa behind her, holding a blue mallet. "Ha, ha, how adorable.." April snickered. "April, we don't want to fight you! We know there's still some good in you! Come back!" Leo pleaded. "Aww, you still love me don't you? Don't you get it? We're enemies now! I kill you, me and Mona go to prison, we break out, and strike New York in the heart!" April said, leaning on Mona. "You forced me to do this...." Leo grunted, he got out his sword and swung, April moved and Mona bonked Leo on the head with her mallet. "Nice job kiddo!" April said, Mikey hit April in the shoulder with nun-chucks, she growled at him. "Oops, sorry April!" Mikey squeaked. April threw a punch and hit Mikey in the jaw, Mikey lunged at April grabbing her by the shoulders and pinning her on the ground. "Don't just stand there woman! Help me!" April yelled at Mona. "Oh, right!" Mona ran toward April. Donnie jumped in front of her, slammed her head on the ground and knocked her out, felt her pulse and heard a beat, Phew He thought.
April pushed Mikey off and ran toward Mona. "No!" She cried. She got up and turned to Donnie and Mikey. She rose up from the ground, holding the objects around her with her psychic powers and throwing them at the turtles. 

The military moved in, "We got an U.P.E, I repeat, a U.P.E!" One of the military men said. They started shooting at her, but she blocked the bullets, moving them back towards them. The rose there bullet proof shields. "You have to fight without thinking!" Donnie advised, "She's psychic!" The men looked at him. "How do we do that?" One of them said. "Like this!" Donnie grabbed his bow staff and leaped toward April. He thought of nothing. Confused, April tried to dodge his attacks, but instead, finding herself in a free fall off of the building, she laughed as she fell, blood dripping from her scraped face, and landing on a car, the glass cut through her skin. She had her last laugh.

"No... Apie.... NO!!!" Mona said as she regained her consciousness. She looked off the edge of the building, and fell to her knees crying. The military men dragged Mona away as she cried. "Thank you..." One of the men glared at Donnie and Mikey, "sirs?" Then he left, putting Mona in a straitjacket and locking her in a cage in the van.

Meanwhile at the hospital, April lay in bed, her eyes opened, and a evil smirk formed on her bloody face.

(and i kinda made April and Mona's relationship based on the OLD Joker and Harley from "The new Adventures of Batman")


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